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Staré Hory

Hunting for deer during the mating period

5-day trip to the Staré Hory

3 days of real, wild hunting in the center of Europe

Hunting Season:

from September


on request

Hunt your dream in Staré Hory, Slovakia

Our fee-based hunting is carried out in the district, which is situated in the middle of Starohorské vrchy, which excel with its picturesque beauty of natural beauty and terrain reliefs. The forests are dense, mixed, their beech, fir and spruce are full of deer and venison. The animal has a Carpathian mountain character predominantly Carpathian deer (Cervus elaphus monthanus), roe deer and wild boar. From predators there is a brown bear and a lynx, a wolf in a smaller number. Survive a few days in the womb of untouched nature, far from civilization, where you can spend an unforgettable hunt, from which you will surely take away the experiences and memories of your whole life. This is the expression of our slogan Ulov si svoj sen…! The attraction is not only the enchanting nature, but also the incredible amount of natural wealth and cultural wealth. Whether they are lovers of this hobby or professionals, everyone will find their place here.

We offer you a unique, hunting experience in the Carpathian deer during the mating season.

At least once in his hunting career, every hunter has encountered the attract of deer, whether at shows or hunting events. You remember the deafening sound and the feeling of adrenaline in the body at the sound of the so-called horn-ripple. So how to combine mountain terrain, beautiful nature, deafening the silence of a dense forest, professional lure of a hunting guide with a sense of adrenaline waiting for the most important rival in the district.


What is included in the price

  • All transfers to the hunting site and back
  • 3x daily meals at the hunting site during your stay
  • 5x accommodation to choose from
  • Licenses, hunting permits
  • Guide services
  • Air transport to Slovakia
  • visas
  • Alcohol
  • gratuity
  • insurance

the program

1 day

Arrival to Slovakia, transfer to hunting ground, welcome with hunting guide, accommodation, food, familiarization with the environment

2-4. day

Meals, 3 days full of hunting (farewell evening with local traditions and customs)

Day 5

Boarding, traditional hunting guest transfer, airport transfer, formalities and departure

Boarding, traditional hunting guest transfer, airport transfer, formalities and departure

Accommodation in two variants

1. Variant: 

In a traditional mining folk house in the Spaniard Valley

2. Variant: 

Wildly (in a hunting lodge in a secluded forest), this type of accommodation is suitable for enthusiasts with a taste to experience the perfect sense of hunter

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