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Special, unique offer

Hunting for Forest Bison - Zubr

5-day hunting for BIZÓNA LESNÉHO / ZUBRA

Unique hunting on Bison bonasus - Zubra in the enchanting nature of Belarus

Hunting Season:

November 1 - 20


from 8 000, - €

Catch your dream in Belarus

Our fee-based hunt BIZÓNA forest - ZUBRA it takes place in the beautiful landscape of forests, which is not called in vain "Lungs of Europe" in Belarus. Survive a few days in a beautiful, clean country of thousands of lakes (over 10,000), far from the hustle and bustle of cities, where you can spend an unforgettable hunt from which to experience and remember your life. This is the expression of our slogan… Hunt Your Dream…!

Even if they are no professionals or lovers of this hobby, they will all find their place here.


What is included in the price

  • Pick up and transfer from and to Minsk Airport
  • Permission to transport weapons, invitation letter
  • Hunting permits, licenses, local tax
  • 4x accommodation in the district
  • 3x daily meals
  • Transportation in the district
  • The Zubr trophy in the price of the offer includes a Zubr shot with a lower jaw antler (CIC) up to 129.99 CIC.
  • Trophies preparation (skull boil)
  • Cleaning the trophy
  • Air transport from / to Belarus
  • Visa (30 days price from 85 EUR)
  • Lending of weapons and ammunition (possibility to provide from 70 EUR)
  • Travel insurance
  • Possibility to provide return ticket from 100, -Eur
  • Zubr trophy with antlers without lower jaw from 130 to 149.99 point CIC is + 2000, - €


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