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Fishmonger on Europe's longest river

5-day fishing trip to the river Volga

3 days of real, wild fishing on the VOLGA River

Hunting Season:

from September


from 900, - €

Catch your dream on the river Volga, Russia

The Volga River is Europe's longest and largest river. It is generally regarded as the national river of Russia. Survive a few days in the wake of nature on Europe's longest river, where you can spend unforgettable fishing, from which you will surely take away your life experiences and memories. This is the expression of our slogan Ulov si svoj sen…! 

The attraction is not only the enchanting nature, but also the incredible amount of natural wealth. Whether they are lovers of this hobby or professionals, everyone will find their place here.


What is included in the price

  • Transport from Moscow to the hotel on the river Volga and back
  • Transfer from hotel to fishing site throughout your stay
  • 3x daily meals at the place of fishing during the stay
  • 4x accommodation in a comfortable house (see gallery accommodation)
  • Licenses, hunting permits
  • Guide services
  • Ship with fuel
  • Fishing rods and fishing tackle
  • Air transport from / to Moscow
  • visas
  • Alcohol
  • gratuity
  • insurance

the program

1 day

The program begins with a meeting and pickup at Moscow airport. Here you will find a guide that will take care of everything for you. Followed by traffic from Moscow to the hotel on the Volga River (2 and ½ hours). The program is free on the first evening as it is expected to arrive around 4 in the afternoon.

2-4. day

The following days start with breakfast and transport to the fishing site. Here you will enjoy uninterrupted 3 days of fishing, accompanied by experienced guides, where the catch is unquestionable. These guides, as they call themselves "live on the water", will give you maximum support, even if you are not an experienced fisherman.

Day 5

On the last day after breakfast and goodbye, we will take you back to Moscow, where the guide will help you with all the necessary formalities and before you will only return home with your head full of unforgettable memories and experiences.


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