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Hunting on predatory wolf in the wild MONTENEGRO

4-day wolf hunting trip

3 days of real, wild hunting on wolf in Montenegro

Hunting Season:

from September


from 1 250, - €

We offer you a unique, wolf hunting experience in Montenegro.

Our fee-based hunt wolf takes place in a district that stretches in the mountains and beautiful nature of Montenegro. Survive a few days in the womb of untouched nature, far from civilization, where you can spend an unforgettable hunt, from which you will surely take away the experiences and memories of your whole life. This is the expression of our slogan Ulov si svoj sen…!

The attraction is not only the enchanting nature, but also the incredible amount of natural and cultural wealth. Whether they are lovers of this hobby or professionals, everyone will find their place here.


What is included in the price

  • All transfers to and from the hotel grounds
  • 3x hotel accommodation with breakfast
  • Licenses, hunting permits
  • Guide services
  • Air transport from / to Slovakia
  • visas
  • Alcohol, Drinking
  • Travel insurance

the program

1 day

Arrival to Montenegro, pick up at the airport, transfer to hotel, accommodation. Getting to know the conditions and rules of hunting in Montenegro, free program.

2-3. day

Breakfast, Transfer to the District, Getting to know the environment 3 days full of hunting

4th day

Breakfast, traditional hunting guest transfer, airport transfer, formalities and departure



Catch your dream in Montenegro

The natural beauty of Montenegro is truly unique in itself. The landscape is profiled from high mountains through steep canyons to cave systems. 

Hardly anyone knows that Montenegro is the only country in Europe that has a fjord in addition to Norway, but which has not been created by glaciers, but by the flooding of the area by the sea. And this is the Bay of Kotor, where 700-meter hills rise right from the sea. 

It is practically impossible to find a flat land in Montenegro. 70% of the country is either steep valleys and canyons or steep hills and mountains. A large part of the country has altitudes above 1000 meters above sea level, many hills are over 2000 meters above sea level, making them snow-covered during the winter, despite the fact that the country lies considerably south. 

One of the few straight areas is in the capital city of Podgorica, the second larger straight is around Skadar Lake, which is the largest lake in the Balkans and a reservoir of water for the whole region. But the greatest natural jewels are found in the Durmitor Mountains, where the highest mountain in Montenegro is Bobotov Kuk (2523 meters above sea level), many more breathtaking two thousand mountain peaks, incredible vistas and wildlife panoramas

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